Esta parte de mi vida es difícil de contar, no porque no la recuerde vívidamente, sino porque en cierta forma me avergüenza haber sido así durante muchos años, haber humillado y pisoteado personas sin razón aparente; haber hecho a esa gente sentirse mal consigo mismo y todo por intentar ocultar mis propias inseguridades. Sí, yo […]

Mexican LifeStyle! – Varon – Jewelry

  I have recently discovered Varon, a quality, contemporary jewelry brand for men and women. Approaching each design and collection with an evolving aesthetic, Varon works hard to unite tradition and modernity in our singular and timeless pieces. Its Jewels are made with high quality materials including silver 925, 18k vermeil, gold-plated brass, and black onyx. Varon’s design […]


Fooling in Amazon.com I found this book, the book was described as a “young adult gay novel” written by American author Nick Burd. The cover was nice, the book plot summary was interesting and the reviews were amazing; so I decided to buy it. For the moment, it has been my very best book acquisition […]

The Dance of the Forty-One – Where the son-in-law of the last Mexican Dictator was discovered as homosexual

(a.k.a. “Baile de los cuarenta y uno” in Spanish) On November 18th, 1901 the Mexican Police carried out a raid in house located in Mexico City Centre, where a party was held and where 19 “men dressed in women’s clothing (crossdressers)” and 22 other “dandies” were detained for “immoral conduct”. “On Sunday night, at a […]

It Gets Better (U.S. Embassy in Mexico)

This video was produced and prepared by the U.S. Emabassy in Mexico as part of the Project “It Gets Better”. It shows Morgana (Opera Singer), Fernando Velázquez (Director of the Leage “Pride” of AmEx), David Dibbona (Movie Maker), Marlene Ortíz Hernández (Mexico City Government), Mara Fortes (Film Festival), John Tollefson (U.S. Embassy).