My first Blog!

Hello everyone! My name is Ivan. I’m beginning this blog because I have always felt that, for me, communicating through written words is much easier than any other mean of communication.

I’ve known all my life that I was gay. This is a BIG issue here in Mexico. Coming from a catholic and conservative family it has been a difficult procedure to accept me as I am. Last year I decided to come out of the closet to almost everyone.

Mexico has change in the last years (or at least some cities in the country). Here in Mexico City is not a big issue to be gay nowadays, there is a gay neighborhood called the “Pink Zone” (Zona Rosa), gay marriage is permitted since 2010. Of course, there are plenty of people that are homophobic, but in a city with more than 22 million habitants, people have learned to be tolerant (to survive).

Because of the above mentioned, I decided to begin a blog. I want everyone in the world to know that Mexico is not all about Mariachis, Sobreros and Tequila (even though they are a big part of our culture). Mexico is a modern country with warm and happy people, open to change and that is making enormous efforts to teach its people about the importance of tolerance.


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